Undip  Strives towards the Best World Class University

Undip  Strives towards the Best World Class University

Homy Residential Facility for High Motivated Students

Exploring Your Uniqueness With An Excellent Learning Environment

Experiencing Cultural Arts in Diversity

Field Research and Nature Experience

Program Sarjana

Program Magister

Program Doktoral

Program PPDS

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Ejournal Undip

Publishes a variety of scientific journals that provide high-quality content and article sources that drive the world’s most impactful scientific discoveries and advances.

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The Undip Library has various kinds of literature that supports learning, research and service activities (Tri Dharma of Higher Education).

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BLOG Undip

In cyberspace, stories and thoughts can be written in a blog, as a work of the Diponegoro University academic community.

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HALO Undip

In the digital world, live chat is here to help with everything about Undip, you can easily find it at your fingertips.

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Undip Research and Service

Uncover the mysteries of nature and technology in vivid experiments. Books and journals, loyal companions in hand, Campus is a place where research comes to life.


Devotion is always the application of knowledge for the good of society. Teaching, sharing and inspiring, the University is a sacred place of service.


In 2023, Diponegoro University will carry out a mentoring program for website standardization in its campus environment.

Universitas Diponegoro (Undip) is conducting website standardization guidance within the campus environment. This step is part of Undip's commitment to enhance service quality and visibility in the digital era. Undip has launched a website standardization guidance...

Public Lecture: Contemporary Criminalization Theory in the Perspective of Social Theories

On November 7, 2023, at 1:00 PM WIB, the academic world will be abuzz with the presence of a Public Lecture on the theme "Contemporary Criminalization Theory in the Perspective of Social Theories." This event will be held online, inviting participants from various...

Public Lecture: LPSK Authority in Providing Protection to Witnesses and/or Victims

On October 31, 2023, at 1:00 PM WIB, let's delve into a crucial issue within the Indonesian judicial system in the public lecture titled "The Authority of the Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK) in Providing Protection to Witnesses and/or Victims." This event...

IMMIH 2023 Interview

The Master of Law program at the Faculty of Law, Diponegoro University, is undergoing minor changes aimed at facilitating coordination, communication, and strengthening the bonds among students. One notable change is in the interview mechanism, previously conducted...


IMMIH University of Diponegoro Cabinet Basis Metamorphosis is inviting Master of Law students from Diponegoro University to join, collaborate, and contribute to realizing a shared vision and mission. Here is the complete information: Terms and Conditions: Must be a...


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Sustainable Development Goals Undip

“Universitas Diponegoro sebagai institusi pendidikan tinggi di Indonesia berkomitmen dalam melaksanakan berbagai program terkait SDGs. Seluruh fakultas, sekolah dan unit lain di Undip telah menyusun program dan kegiatan untuk mencapai 17 tujuan dalam SDGs. Hal ini dalam rangka mendukung komitmen Pemerintah Indonesia dalam mencapai target nasional SDGs.”


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